"Hands across the ocean." "The hand of friendship." "A helping hand." all popular phrases and ones which show just how positive a metaphor the hand is for friendship, honesty and integrity.

So what exactly do the Personal Touch Courier hands mean?

Back in the 80's, before George Dunn and Lorraine Jacobs started Personal Touch , the courier industry in Ottawa was working primarily on contract. That is, if you were using a particular courier company they wanted you to sign a contract committing yourself to use only their services. If you signed and later used someone else, technically you were in breach of contract. Either you had to ask the company to rescind the contract or wait for it to expire.  

For those of you who knew George, you'll know that he was an honest, no nonsense kind of guy. He thought the idea of signing a contract was ridiculous for he knew he was a man of his word. So when he started this company he sealed every deal with a handshake, nothing more. If he said he'd do something for you, you could take that to the bank. And if, for whatever reason, he wasn't able to do as he'd promised, he had no intentions of holding anyone to a signed piece of paper. His handshake was worth more than any contract!

 And so with a little background we're sure you'll agree that those hands shaking are both a fitting tribute to our founder and as pertinent today as they were when we started almost 30 years ago.     


Our Mission